As a manufactured home dealer, we find it very important to provide homes to customers that we know we would want to live in ourselves. No one really wants to live in a substandard home that is falling apart. Thus, one of our greatest missions is to ensure that this doesn't happen, we want our customers to be completely happy with their homes purchase. We have put in hours of research in order to make this a reality and we have made our selections. We now can confidently say that we have the best quality and most beautiful manufactured homes available in California. Below is a youtube video that gives a video tour of the brand new Balboa Island home series that Karsten is introducing soon. It is a beautiful looking home and would definitely be great to live in. 


09/02/2013 2:52pm

I have a client, he have a 1978 Balboa Trailer home.
He want's to remove the sheetmetal roof and apply and OSB and shingle roof instead.
Any concern regarding the wait/ windload ?

Arne Perthus

09/05/2013 9:48pm

Manufactured homes are built at the factory strictly by weight. You will need a set of engineered plans to install a composition roof on a preexisting metal roof because of the weight load. HCD would be a good place to find out more information about this issue. Thank you for your comment and have a nice day Arne.


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